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"Heather did an excellent job of helping to create much needed systems and processes for my business. She took the time to deep dive into so many different aspects of the business and was very efficient at hammering out the details so that we can have a much smoother and far less stressful operation. For anyone that is looking to organize their business and work with someone who truly cares about their success, I would highly recommend working with Heather Logistics."
Alex Gutierrez
Owner, I Know A Guy Construction Services
"The whole process from start to finish was fantastic. Heather was great at moving the conversations forward and making sure we accomplished the goals that we had laid out. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to get their business more organized and on track... These tools are going to be the key and the foundation it takes for us to move to the next level."
Isaac Rudolph
Owner, Siege Engine Creative
"Heather has helped me immensely in relieving my mental fatigue concerning business, which completely intersects with my personal life. I came to her with complaints that I had good larger scale systems, but the fallout happened when I couldn't manage my day-to-day. As a fairly organized person, this was so frustrating and felt so unlike myself. I gained so much relief (and confidence) when Heather solved the crux of my issue. Within her forensic conversations, she was able to help me identify what I needed to change in my processes. It wasn't a huge process change either! For my case, with one suggestion that was targeted at the core of my needs, we remedied the issue quickly and efficiently. I loved working with Heather too. She is a gracious, respectful person. Business can be difficult enough, so any positive energy that I can bring into my workspace is a no-brainer. Heather brings that energy and is a pleasure to work with."
Bethany Seymour
Owner, Seymour Digital Marketing
"Heather jumps right in to every project, asking insightful questions, understanding desired outcomes and then designs a process to make it happen! She's impeccably organized, detail-oriented, and highly talented at bringing strategies, projects and events to life. I hired her once, and I'd hire her again in a heartbeat."
Karen Barnes
CEO, Agile City
"Heather consulted with us in the evaluation of a new donor and fundraising platform. She researched possible solutions, reviewed options and presented best fit for our organization. Once the platform was decided she assisted us in implementation and migrating our data which was invaluable to us. After a year using our new platform, Bloomerang, we are pleased with the selection."
Lawren Desai
Executive Director and Curator,
a/perture cinema
"I had the pleasure of working with Heather for nearly three years. She is as wonderful a person as she is a professional. She excels at learning new tools, implementing them, and then training others. She is a master a working on several concurrent tasks in a variety of operational areas. Heather has an impressive number of skillsets and continues to stay on top of learning emerging processes to serve her clients. Heather is an amazing team member and leader and would be an asset to any industry."
Susan Morris
Owner, SueMo Consulting

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