Your Business Can Thrive with the right Processes

Our EXPERTISE At HEATHER LOGISTICS can STreamline your team’s workflow, condense project timelines, & boost your bottom line.

we will bring our Expertise into your operation so you can


We are a consulting firm founded upon a set of productivity principles that apply to organizations and businesses of all types and all sizes – from 1 self employed individual to teams of 50.


Don’t surrender your time and money to inefficient processes. We can help you become a business that thrives with well-trained staff utilizing curated technology and Standard Operating Procedures.


Prune Your Way to Greatness

Here’s how we can help you become a business known for efficiency and high quality results..

Meet Your Guide to Productivity

Heather Philon

Heather Thompson

three steps to success

Our Path to Profit

Let’s break down the process.


Your Business is Our Business

Through acute observation and interviews, we gain insight into your needs through and through. We then build a set of recommendations to remediate weaknesses and reinforce strengths.




we Get it Right the First Time

A love for efficiency is what makes us unique. Thoroughly researched solutions will make your staff more harmoniously effective and your business more profitably functional.




MOre than pretty words

Precise implementation is crucial to the success of new systems. Nothing is more frustrating than real progress remaining just out of reach after a discovery call or planning session… No deliverable is considered complete until your team knows how to implement and replicate our steps to success.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our work. We won’t stop until you are satisfied. We promise to engage in a partnership that leaves you in even better shape than when we met.

Your Business Deserves to Grow

Let Heather Logistics grow your business into a healthy operation with Happy Employees and Efficient Processes